Saturday, September 4, 2010

Taking a break from SB for couple of weeks - going on a cruise!

I'll be doing a live travel blog if anyone wants to follow along with us: Oasis of the Seas 2010 Adventure

Friday, September 3, 2010

NOSOs have moved!

The link for NOSOs is now located under the Quick Links column on the SB homepage:

Once you click on the link, you will be taken to this page:

Click on the "Go Now!" button and skip through all the offers (or select "no" when asked if you are interested in something) to receive your 1 daily SB. (Hey - that's 30 SBs a month! It's worth the effort!)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Today is my 2-month Swaggin' anniversary. To date, I have deposited $95 in my Amazon account. $20 of that was from my mom generously donating hers to me. Thanks, Mom!

Free money - it's a beautiful thing! This is my current June loot: 

I will get into the prize redemption process later. But first I'll go over even more ways to accumulate swag - special offers and swag codes.

Avoid "$50,000 Survey Sweeps" Surveys

There has been LOTS of negative feedback on the surveys that have "$50,000 Survey Sweeps" in the name. Complaints are that they incessantly phish for information and then disqualify you after spending a significant amount of time answering questions or don't pay out if you do complete the survey. So my advice would be to avoid these surveys.

Finish up those profiles!

Beginning June 29, the profiles will be worth less swag bucks for completion. Apparently the current amounts are "promotional" values. 

See the Swag Bucks blog: Do Your Profiles ASAP! 

So, if you haven't already done so, get those profiles complete. Also be aware that occasionally new questions are added to profiles and can then be re-completed for additional swag. Keep an eye on your profiles for any that change to "partially complete."

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Trusted Surveys Revisted

Okay, so I broke down and tried a survey yesterday. I had partially completed the beverage profile and a new survey popped up with a 65% chance I'd qualify. It was worth 125 SBs and said it would take about 20 minutes. 

It was about canned/bottled coffee drinks of which I have never tried a single one and had already answered that part of the beverage profile so I have no idea how it even popped up for me. But I decided to take a chance and give it a look.

It did take the estimated amount of time and was fairly painless, as far as surveys go. And I was awarded the SBs immediately.

I tried another one worth 200 SBs and spent 15 minutes on it before being told that the number of participants needed for this survey had been filled.

So, I guess what I'm trying to say is that the surveys are definitely worth a try as many of the surveys offer decent rewards. Just be aware that you can spend significant time on some and still be disqualified or the quota can be fulfilled before you finish. There are LOTS of complaints about both on the Swag Bucks Facebook wall. 

Oh, and don't let the estimated % of qualification scare you off. There have been plenty of reports of those trying the low % surveys and getting all the way through them.

Also be aware that these surveys are coming from several sources and I've seen that some can take several days to credit and others never credited. So buyer beware.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Multiple Profiles for Trusted Surveys

I discovered over the weekend that there are multiple profiles to fill out and you will be awarded 10-25 SBs per profile completed (according to what is available for me). While profiles aren't nearly as painful as the surveys, at least you can't get disqualified from a profile! :-p~~~

To get to your profiles, go to your survey dashboard (click on Trusted Surveys under the Quick Links on the homepage). Your survey dashboard should look like the screen shot below. Click on the Profiles link.

There appears to be nearly 200 SBs to be made here. Easy money! Except for the answering-endless-questions part. ;-)

Click on the Complete Now or Partially Complete link to get started.

Note that completing one survey appears to partially complete others. I've only done the Entertainment and Leisure one and I did it because it was the only one that said partially completed when I found my profiles.

Completing these profiles will increase your odds of "qualifying" for said "trusted" surveys. I think we all know how I feel about surveys. :-)

Next up - Trusted Surveys Revisited