Monday, June 14, 2010

Multiple Profiles for Trusted Surveys

I discovered over the weekend that there are multiple profiles to fill out and you will be awarded 10-25 SBs per profile completed (according to what is available for me). While profiles aren't nearly as painful as the surveys, at least you can't get disqualified from a profile! :-p~~~

To get to your profiles, go to your survey dashboard (click on Trusted Surveys under the Quick Links on the homepage). Your survey dashboard should look like the screen shot below. Click on the Profiles link.

There appears to be nearly 200 SBs to be made here. Easy money! Except for the answering-endless-questions part. ;-)

Click on the Complete Now or Partially Complete link to get started.

Note that completing one survey appears to partially complete others. I've only done the Entertainment and Leisure one and I did it because it was the only one that said partially completed when I found my profiles.

Completing these profiles will increase your odds of "qualifying" for said "trusted" surveys. I think we all know how I feel about surveys. :-)

Next up - Trusted Surveys Revisited

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  1. Thanks, Aprille. I've completed all available. Easy bucks...